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 You want to have a new car without buying one? Car detailing is the answer to that. With Car Detailing your car can be very new looking. Car detailing meaning is cleaning your car inside out every inch of your car. Every car detailing company offer almost the same step or procedure in both exterior and interior. Every people you know when they saw you have a new car; they always look at the outside of your car. It is the first thing they notice. That is the reason why we have professionally skilled workers that will work on your car. They will work to make it look like brand new, making it look like a new bought car. The common exterior process involves wash and dry; it means when washing your car, it will start with a high-powered was next is a thorough handwashing with mild soap, lastly is drying the car. Other process is Clay work; where our skill workers will use a clay bar to eliminate any traces of overspray or any other particles that normal washing couldn’t remove on its own. Next is Polishing, all cars normally losses some of its shine, so restoring its original looks and paint coating will help it recover its old but new looking exterior. Lastly is Seal, our workers will apply sealant to the exterior of the car. Sometimes its not just sealant they also apply wax to the surface to support the sealant. For the interior it also has some few procedures like Vacuuming the interior to remove some dust or any other particles. Next is Brushing/Scrubbing/Shampooing. This applies to the mats and carpets of the car. It has a simple goal, to remove stains and blemishes that regular wash can’t remove. Other step is Wiping and re-vacuuming of the windows dashboard and door panels. Lastly is deodorizing its just a simple step like spraying the interior with scented sprays.


About Our Services

Our professional skilled workers will wash your car with a soapy water and rag or swiping the interior with armor all and a vacuum, but it is not detailed at all right? Well our skilled workers will wash and clean your car up to the tiny details they can find. Its not just the word clean we pursue but the word sparkling like new. 

We offer the best team to make it happen by using our amazing eco hand washing procedure. And it is not just all about business we also educate people from Fort Lauderdale on the influence of professional car washing, our company organize a series of studies and car washing concepts. Our mission is simple, we want to provide a high best quality service for our valued client. We go above and beyond to cater to each vehicle specific needs. By providing a high-quality work, we give our time to give the best full service that you need like not the other company who prioritize the quantity of car that they clean everyday leaving you a poor result and not the best, bad service and unhappy and unsatisfied customer. With over 10 years of experience in this industry we can assure you the best professional service you can ever had.

Here in Fort Lauderdale Florida you can find many car detailing services but we are the one who offers the best service you can find. You don’t need to know our place because we are the one who will come at your place to clean your car. Our skilled professional car detailer can come to your house as long as it is in Fort Lauderdale. It can save you money for going to us. We will provide our service at you home. We are a car detailing company with a lot of experienced detailers. With the many beast looking and exotic car in Fort Lauderdale there is no reason to keep it as it is. It is needed to keep a top-notch image for your car as it reflects the car owner’s personality. As of today, more cars are getting deluxe treatment known as auto detailing. Now Car Detailing Fort Lauderdale FL is offering affordable and high quality service like headlight restorationcar interior cleaningboat detailing and more. 

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All our workers have the best skill you can know. They all attend a local school and have received a proper training in auto detailing here in Fort Lauderdale. Our company can offer services like Mobile Auto Detailing Services, Tire Shine, Buffer and Polish, Scratch Removal, Waterless Wash and Wax, Window Treatment Floor carpet and mat shampoo, Leather treatment, Fabric protection, Custom wheel cleaning, Tire dressing, Engine cleaning, Exterior polish and wax protection, Interior and trunk vacuuming. Car detailing also offers a lot of benefits.

Preserve Paint Condition every day our car is exposed to dust, dirt and maybe debris from the road that really affect the beauty of your car. By availing our service, we can assure that your vehicle does not pick up any tiny dings or scratches. Just drop us a call and our skill technician will help you make your car look new. 

Restore Interior Comfort our car also needs to be cleaned inside, because it is the place where we sit and drive every day. Having a comfort environment inside our car can give us the focused we need in driving. Our company also offer a service inside your car. Beauty is not just from the outside but also inside.

Preserve Vehicle Value if you are a collector and a seller of exotic car or if you think in the future you want to sell you vehicle, car detailing can help you preserve the value of your car. It is a good idea to always have an appointment for regular detailing, by that you can help preserve its value. 

Improved Safety car detailing will help you remove all the potential safety hazards that you may not know your car have. An exterior with a clean environment maximizes vision while driving and will give you a clean breathing air.

Better Fuel Economy Car detailing can also involve cleaning of engine not just the exterior and interior. A cleaned vehicle offers less wind resistance, which result in less power required for operation. Consider checking our truck detailingRV detailingmobile car wash and more.

"What a great service. Now my car looks like a brand new one. Thank you and more powers for the team!"
Alex P. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)
Affordable and high-quality service with friendly staffs. Now I'm scheduling my weekly car wash to their company. Good job and keep it up!"
Ollie C. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)
"Excellent! Now I our business truck can travel again comfortably. Highly recommended. "
Nick R. (Fort Lauderdale, Fl)


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